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  Dreamcast Development Introduction
  Written: January 23rd, 2001 @ 19:30 GMT By: Thorsten Titze

The Dreamcast™ was the first console of the 128-bit age. It was far ahead of its competitor at this time but still it was not as popular as the consoles by Nintendo (N64) or Sony (Playstation).

The hardware concept of the Dreamcast™ is quite easy and great. Some people call this system the Amiga in the Console-world since if features special-purpose hardware but is still usable for things the producers never intended. You'll find detailed hardware specifications in the Hardware section.

For a long time no one (but a small fan-group) cared for this sytem by Sega. But as piracy grew people bought this console (it's sad but it's true that piracy sells a console). Now with the research of Marcus Comstedt it is possible to link up your Dreamcast™ with your PC using a serial-link or even via TCP/IP with a broadband-adapter (the network adapter for the Dreamcast).

Using this serial link in conjunction with a boot-cd called serial-slave or Andrew Kieschniks DC-Tool , you are now able to transfer binaries (executables) to your Dreamcast™.

Even better news is that the Dreamcast has a fairly off the box Hitachi SH-4 processor inside (for general processing. The DC also has an ARM Processor which does sound processing) which makes it possible to use the Gnu Cross Compiler (xGCC) with target platform SH-4 to produce Dreamcast™ compliant executables. And on top of that there's a free Dreamcast™ lib available giving you access to the Tile-accelerator (kinda 3D Accelerator of the DC) and almost everything else being in the DC which is called KallistiOS and has been started by Dan Potter .

I do not support piracy in any way, so don't bug me if you are searching sites for ISOs of games or anything illegal. If you have questions concerning development, feel free to eMail. But eMail about illegal stuff will be ignored and trashed !!!

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