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Console Development: Gameboy® Introduction

Written: January 23rd, 2001 - 13:25 By: Thorsten Titze

The Gameboy® is the most successful handheld console system ever sold on the market. Although it is technically far less advanced than the systems by Sega (Gamegear) or the Neo Geo Pocket it was the most successful one.

The first generation Gameboy® was quite large and only had a black'n'white display. The second generation Gameboy® was a bit smaller and had a sharper dot-matrix display. Nowadays we have the third generation of the system being smaller, colored and having an infrared port for communication with other devices (primarily other Gameboys).

Good news for hobby console coders is that you can get a great freeware development kit for the gameboy. Using the C language you can code almost professional games using an easy API.

I try to provide you with the basic information about the system, the hardware and how to code for both it. I will also have a section of tools for gameboy development.

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