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  Playstation 2 development introduction
  Written: August 05, 2001 @ 02:32 PM By: Thorsten Titze

For a long time the Playstation 2 was known to be not accessible for the home development community due to the fact that you were not easily able to boot your own binaries and also due to the lack of a working compiler and SDK. (and always burning your ELF-File onto a CD and booting it with a Neo2.2 doesn't count for being usable in terms of development)

But team of Napalm (namely Andrew Kieschnick who's also known for this DCDEV DC-Tool) had the idea of using the integrated USB (Universal Serial Bus) for the transfer of binaries and debug data (SNSystems who are selling the official kits made something similar but they use the i-Link or Firewire port on the PS2).

With this small tool and a set of Gnu Cross Compilers for the PS2 processors, Emotion Engine and the IOP (basically the same MIPS processor that is used in the PSX and PSone) it is now possible to compile binaries for the PS2 on your Workstation and send them via USB to your PS2 console for execution.

There is also a basic GPL'ed development library called PSX2LIB.

On this section of my site I will focus on getting your development toolchains and your transfer programs to run.

All of the information in this section is a collection gathered on some other webpages (namely https://www.ps2dev.livemedia.com.au/) and some message boards or mailinglists (foremost the mailing list at https://www.anarchists.co.uk/). I just wanted to get all of the information needed to compile all comilers at one place.

Also let me stress that I do not support piracy in any way, so don't bug me if you are searching sites for ISOs of games or anything illegal. The informations provided here are merely for educational and backup purposes.

  Go to the livemdedia.com.au PS2DEV site [external link]

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