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Gamecube tutorials updated
Posted: January 17th, 2004 @ 21:34 PM By: Thorsten Titze

Gamecube News: Today I updated my GameCube compiler tutorials with information on how to get the C++ compiler up and running (which was still missing in the tutorials so far)

Furthermore the guides now also include MSys/MingW as an alternative build-environment instead of Cygwin (especially useful for those who don't need all the Gnu tools and don't want to download the whole of Cygwin).

Feel free to take a look in the GameCube Development section.

Gamecube Development Section - [INTERNAL LINK]

Newer release of libOGC with Makefiles
Posted: January 13th, 2004 @ 21:15 PM By: Thorsten Titze

Gamecube News: Just after uploading/releasing my gclib package I found out that Costis writes an own GC library on sourceforce that he calls GCLIB. Therefore this new packaged libOGC will no longer be called GCLib, but for now bears its original name libdOGC with the releasedate as version. This name will possibly change when feature enhancements will be done or other libraries included.

This new version includes the linkerscript that produces valid DOL files and uses this instead of bin2dol to produce them. But this also limits the project hierarchy somewhat (see Readme for further details). If anyone knows how to use environment variables in LD scriptfiles or how you can specify where LD look for crt0.o please drop me a line (a simple -Ldirectory didn't do the trick)

Feel free to download the 20040113 release here.

Gamecube Development Section - [INTERNAL LINK]

Restructured libOGC-0.2 released
Posted: January 10th, 2004 @ 15:39 PM By: Thorsten Titze

Gamecube News: As I did with my former PSX2LIB releases I started to repackage and restructure libOGC-0.2 to use more standardized Makefiles. With this package it is now a lot easier to add additional libraries to GCLib or start new projects utilizing the libraries in GCLib.

The sourcecode that is included in this library package is 100% libOGC-0.2, so please don't expect added functionality or changes to it.(included crt0.s is from the PSOload2.0a package)

I hope to get some feature improvements into it soon and will release subsequent versions on my homepage (I am currently looking of getting some of the features of ipl_replacement.tar.gz into the library)

Feel free to download the 20040110 release here and read the Readme for a little instruction on how to set up the whole thing.

You can also find a small tutorial on how to compile the library and how to compile an example and upload it to the GameCube in my Gamecube Development section (The link is below this news-item).

Gamecube Development Section - [INTERNAL LINK]

GameCube Dev Section opened
Posted: January 1st, 2004 @ 18:51 PM By: Thorsten Titze

First of all a happy new year to all who still come here frequently (although not much happens lately)

Gamecube News: As of today the first rudementary GameCube Development Section is opened. So far it only contains tutorials on how to get the toolchain compiled for this new target. But within the next days I will update the section with some sample code and tutorials on how to upload the binaries to the GameCube via the Phantasy Star Online 1&2 Exploit.

Please don't bother me with questions on whether or how it is possible to read/play ISOs from the Gamecube or where to find these ISOs. I don't support piracy with my site. All these kinds of requests will be ignored.

Gamecube Development Section - [INTERNAL LINK]

Major overhaul+GameCube Dev Section soon...
Posted: October 19, 2003 @ 10:52 PM By: Thorsten Titze

A major site overhaul will be coming soon. All console development pages will be updated to the most recent GCC, binutils toolchain sources. I will also provice a detailed list on which CygWin packages are really needed. Especially when you're behind <=64kbit/s (ISDN or Modem) downloading the complete CygWin is overkill (and most of the stuff you just don't need if you just want to do console development)

Gamecube News: A development section including Cross-Compilers and the freeware SDK is being designed. I hope to get it online later this coming week (I hope to have my GameCube by then to test it myself. I just can't borrow my friends Gamecube all the time).

If you have comments on my site, tips, ideas or just want to chat fell free to eMail me. I will also continue to regularly update my site with new tutorials, information etc. (which I didn't have time to do for too long now)


Some PS2DEV updates
Posted: August 23, 2003 @ 4:40 PM By: Thorsten Titze

PS2DEV Tutorials updated: With the "PS2 Independence Hack" giving the PS2DEV scene another leap I decided to revise the whole PS2DEV (which was long overdue since patches for the new compilers are available since quite some time) section with information on how to get current binutils and compilers to compile for the PS2 platform.

The new tutorials now feature compile guides for binutils- and gcc-3.2.2.

PS2DEV "Independence Exploit" article: With the publication of M.R. Browns Independence Hack I decided to cover this very interesting finding in an own article. (sorry, this might still be incomplete or buggy, but due to time limitation I only had enough time to type it all up quite fast)

More and continous news are to be expected sometime soon. But I just started a new hobby, climbing which doesn't use up much of my spare time, but a part of it, so...

Playstation 2 Development Section - [INTERNAL LINK]

Updates are coming soon... KOS on ia32 !
Posted: August 3, 2003 @ 12:14 PM GMT By: Thorsten Titze

Internal h11 News: After a short absence I now hope that hangar-eleven.de will be back up with new and updated tutorials soon. I am planning to incorporate all the sections I prepared for inclusion but never had the time to finish and I hope to be able to upload them within the next week.

Also, all DVD-Ripping tutorials will be rewritten with instruction on how to build video-files into the Ogg/OGM container and featuring Ogg/Vorbis 5.1 Surround sound.

Part of these additions are more detailed compiler guides for the Playstation 2 platform and the XBOX-DEV section (NOTE: This section will not cover the official Micro$oft XDK, but the OpenXDK Open-Source XDK) which I wanted to incorporate into the site since quite some time now.

KallistiOS News: Dan Potter had sucess in porting KallistiOS over to ia32 (Standard PC) and published a bootable disk-image of a basic KOS booting on a PC. This also opens up the possibility of porting KOS over to the XBOX.

cadcdev.sourceforge.net - Official KallistiOS homepage

Small PS2DEV updates...
Posted: April 20th, 2003 @ 12:17 GMT By: Thorsten Titze

Small updates of the PS2DEV section are currently being integrated into the website. I am in the process of changing the toolchain base from the old released SNSYS sources to the official binutils- (utilizing patches by MRBROWN and NOW3D) and the gcc-3.2.2 (utilizing the patch by MRBROWN).

Currently only the binutils portion has been rewritten and relinked, but I hope to get the GCC portion online tomorrow.

Home of the binutils patch is https://playstation2-linux.com/projects/binutils/
Home of the gcc patch is https://www.0xd6.org/

You can find my changed or rewritten tutorials in the PS2Development section.

Playstation 2 Development Section - INTERNAL LINK

OpenXDK coverage coming soon...
Posted: December 08th, 2002 @ 21:11 GMT By: Thorsten Titze

Sadly contrary to my original plans of reviving the newsflow on this site during the last months my schedule grew fuller and fuller so that I didn't find any time to update here more often.

During this time of internet absence there has been quite an amount of developments especially for PS2 and XBOX development.

With the OpenXDK project we now have a basic framework and basic functionality layer of developing applications/games for the XBOX console by Micro$oft. From the home-developer point of view this is a great achievement since we are now no longer dependant on the highly illegal XDK which is sold by Micro$oft (and whose usage by non-licensed developers is illegal)

I will cover basic setup and usage of this (still very rough framework) on my site soon. I expect to have the basic section working next weekend.

I also hope that this addition of a new section will bring me to the usual regular news updates habit I had before.

Again a big thanks to those who still keep checking back here once in a while. You will hopefully be rewarded with the new tutorials/sections.

openxdk.sourceforge.net - Official OpenXDK Project Homepage

Small update... LiNUX section coming soon...

Posted: October 07th, 2002 @ 18:03 GMT By: Thorsten Titze

I have to postpone the release of my own PS2LIB branch due to some development I've done with GJITEN (a Japanese/English dictionary tool for Gnome).

After adding the features I need for my own studies I'll get back to PS2LIB but there are still some features to be implemented. I will also open a Red Hat Linux (andLiNUX in general) section to this site soon where I will post all of the packages I built myself (for Red Hat 8.0) and information on getting Japanese input and some other stuff to run on LiNUX.

gjiten.sourceforge.net - Official GJITEN Homepage

We're back soon... and kicking...

Posted: October 06th, 2002 @ 14:23 GMT By: Thorsten Titze

Sadly during the last months I didn't find the time to update this site as much as I would have liked to. But there are (hopefully) quite some interesting things ahead.

Personally I'm currently again working on another (this time smaller) sound-addon module for KallistiOS. I haven't even been able to keep myself up-to-date on the CVS proceedings of KallistiOS, so be sure to check out the newest sourcetree there (now also including Ogg Tremor, the Integer Ogg-Vorbis library).

I will also update my PSX2LIB branch to the current CVS PSX2LIB sourcetree this weekend or early coming wekk and will also include the KallistiOS-like (and therefore better-to-maintain) Makefiles I introduced with my last PSX2LIB releases.

That's all for now. Just wanted to give you a quick update. If you want to contact me directly you also find me in the xBox Fanatics Forum.

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